Promotional packages

3 fantastic images to promote reading to your patrons!

Everyone knows reading a book can be an amazing experience. These specially commissioned images convey the magic of the discovery that awaits you within the pages of your next book. Visually striking, they will draw attention wherever you place them.

These are reader-centered promotions which start from the reading experience on offer rather than from an author or genre. We have chosen three different themes to appeal to different audiences.

Discover is for children – a sparkling image which will appeal to boys as much as girls and can be used with a wide range of ages from under 5 to 11 years. You can also mix non-fiction books in with fiction in your displays under this banner.

Who do you want to be today? will strike a chord with young adults. Exploring perception and identity is at the core of young adult experience and books offer a powerful and private way of doing it. We’re delighted to have permission to use a book cover designed by the great Stefan Sagmeister which has just the right mix of the beautiful and the sinister.

Take a risk on a book is one of those simple ideas that works so well you wonder why you never thought of it before. The moment when you choose a book lots of things go through your mind - you never quite know when you embark on a reading journey how it will turn out and sometimes books you never expected to enjoy turn into your favourites. This promotion celebrates that possibility and encourages everyone to take a little risk occasionally with what they choose. If it doesn’t work out, just put it back and choose again. This is a great promotion for libraries as libraries are the place we can take a risk for free.

Brodart Supplies are developing a package of print materials to include headers to fit our Book Pods and Counter-top Units; posters; bookmarks plus reader to reader comment cards.

Meanwhile Brodart Books are putting together a great collection of books to accompany each promotion. Brodart’s knowledge of current publishing, combined with the reader-centered approach of Opening the Book, leads to a great collection of titles, one which mixes popular and less well-known writers; different genres and formats; and picks out strong book cover designs which your patrons won’t be able to resist picking up.

Print materials and book collections will be available to buy separately or together in April. Watch this space!

Training courses for library professionals and managers

Introducing interActive

interActive offers a dynamic and flexible learning experience to stimulate your thinking and build evidence for change. It shows you effective ways to widen the appeal of libraries, to make the whole collection work harder and to enrich the experience for visitors.

The modules are packed with free resources for promotions, exercises for staff training and ideas for readers' advisory. Ideas and examples are applied in a series of practical tasks which will test the theory and build evidence from your own experience.

A personal online mentor from Opening the Book will support your learning and stretch your practice.

Download course flyer with graduate feedback

Who is interActive for?

If you are keen to contribute to shaping an active library service that grows and changes, you will enjoy interActive and find it rewarding.

interActive is for library professionals and staff with management responsibilities. As well as offering quick win promotional ideas, the course provides tools to support managers in making lasting changes in library practice.

There are different versions of the course for Australia & New Zealand; USA & Canada; UK & Ireland - content is tailored to your context. Discussion with colleagues in an international online community is stimulating and will widen your network of professional contacts.

Try the course for free

How does it work?

Once your personal account is created, you can start and stop whenever you like. The course is structured into six sequential modules. The practical projects can be applied in different settings and have the potential to develop outside the course.

Your personal online mentor will respond quickly to the work you send with their assessments and comments. The course facilitates easy online dialogue.

Your access to the course is not time-limited. You can use the materials and be part of the interActive community for as long as you wish. You can also choose to train as a mentor of other colleagues taking the course.

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