Select with Confidence

Introducing a powerful new collection development tool that equips librarians with the information needed to take their selection process to the next level.

Bibz Analytics harnesses circulation data from a library’s own ILS to provide ranking information on forthcoming titles. By analyzing past circulation performance of similar titles, Bibz Analytics’ predictive engine provides circulation potential for not-yet-published titles.

Armed with this information, librarians can confidently incorporate new titles into their system-wide or individual branch collections, ensuring informed selection and strategic branch placement.


  • Provides predictive performance analysis, immediately quantifying potential interest for forthcoming titles while identifying underperforming titles
  • Calculates circulation potential for the library system, as well the unique ability to view title rankings for each branch
  • Introduces a scientific element for collection development, through data-driven comparative analysis
  • Integrates seamlessly within Brodart’s Bibz user interface, providing instant review within Bibz lists and searches – including order grids
  • Allows collection development librarians to curate and purchase with confidence, thereby maximizing the impact of library budgets
  • Enables comparative analysis for collection development, through title rankings — allowing prioritization of titles based on their predicted performance
  • Helps librarians manage their overall collections more efficiently and effectively
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Sample screen shot — rankings of individual titles, broken out by the branch level:

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