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Make the most of your McNaughton Lease Subscription

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Patron-facing Assets for McNaughton, My Lucky Day,

and Hot Off The Press

Are your patrons aware of the benefits of your hot title subscription plan?

We're making it easy for you to get the word out.

Below, you'll find high-res downloadable graphics for bookmarks, posters, and electronic ads for your website. We've provided editable designs that can be customized with your logo (PDF editor required), along with standard versions to be printed or uploaded to your website as-is. Select options based on whichever merchandising program your library uses.


  • Sized for 11" x 17" but can be printed larger if desired.
  • Print in-house or send to your local printer.


Print a bunch at a time and hand them out to patrons.

Click here to purchase perforated paper on which to print your bookmarks (select "Optional Stub: No").

Electronic Advertisements

Click to download — post designs to your website.

Alert patrons about how to spot new releases in your library.

McNaughton Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend Promotion

Refer a library to McNaughton Subscription Services and both you AND your library friend will receive 5 allowances or 50 points to use when ordering titles of your choosing!

Simply complete the referral form below and you’re on your way to a referral bonus for every library friend who becomes a McNaughton customer.

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